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About Beppu

The city of Beppu is situated on the Kyushu island and is included in the prefecture of Oita. Photo #3Beppu was established in the year 1924 on 1 st April and it is Japan's most famous hot spring resorts, producing more hot spring water than any other resort in the country (Beppu boasts the second highest volume of hot springs water in the world). Beppu offers an unmatched range of baths to be enjoyed, including ordinary hot water baths, mud baths, sand baths and steam baths. More than 10 million visitors come to stay every year.

Visit official Beppu city guide web pages for more information about the city.

Kannawa Onsen Area

Kannawa Hot Springs Area PhotoKannawa Hot Springs date back to the Kamakura Period (1185–1333). It was founded by monk Ippen Shonin who came to Beppu by boat from Shikoku island. Nowadays it is one of the largest hot springs area in Beppu with about a hundred traditional Japanese inns and many hot spring spas.

The view of the steam rising from the many Kannawa hot springs was selected second, behind Mount Fuji, among the top hundred scenes of Japan the Japanese people want to preserve into the 21st Century.